Environmental Planning and Building Design   ·   Stroud, UK
Scientific project
New centre for Nano-science and Quantum Information, University of Bristol
At the heart of the University Precinct, the NSQI is a unique facility for the study of matter at the tiniest scale. A massive concrete structure provides ultra-quiet laboratory spaces, within which there are special 'air tables' mounted on floating concrete pads. The layout also encourages creative interaction. Geoff was the architect, when with Percy Thomas Architects, and again when Natural Architecture helped Capita in the construction phase.
See www.bristol.ac.uk/nsqi-centre/ for more information and virtual tours of this extraordinary building, headlined there as 'The Quietest Building in the World'.
The NSQI website says: “A unique purpose-designed environment in which a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research community drawn from science, engineering and medicine can be fostered and thrive through stimulating interactions and the exchange of ideas“